Over the last years we have been discussing the world of Service Design and the multifaceted world of commercial services. Over the months, we covered bank-related services, bike sharing, car-sharing, for publishing, payments, smart homes. A couple of times we diverted our attention from profit-making services, to more intangible topics: the first time was aboutthe evolution of the role of Service Designers, while the second time was about Design for Democracy.

Today we are going to talk about the other side of the world: Service Design for the Public Sector.

Together with a panel of experts we will investigate how Service Design can contribute to improve Public Services, in order to fill the existing gapbetween experiences offered by Public and Private companies. The panel will be composed by:

Dominic Campbell - Futuregov
Lorenzo Fabbri - Digital Transformation Team, Italian Government 
Andrea Landini - Coppa+Landini
Alessandro Piana Bianco - Deloitte Digital
Donatella Solda - MIUR
Claudia Zampella - H-FARM Education

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Cover Image by:
Pietro Chiera

Service Design Drinks Milan #11 - Designing Public Services