Hi dear community,

Are you ready for our next event? The # SDDMilan17 is coming, and it will be with one of our favorite formats: Native Culture Services!

What is SDDMilan Native Culture Services? First, It’s an event where the speakers of the night are YOU! Second, It’s a space to share and discuss the value of the services that are deeply rooted in our native cultures. We have had gone through services coming from Turkey, India, Venezuela, China, Canada, Russia, Brazil, etc. where the variety of cases went from digital to traditional.

This event is a big opportunity to contaminate each other from case studies coming from all over the world.

What do we need? We need you to send a case study you find interesting to share before December 9th: we will review it, be back to you with a feedback and put you on the stage of an exciting night ;) Send us a video, a story, or just a sketch of a service from your country. It doesn’t need to be the most innovative nor the most traditional: we want to represent a peculiar aspect of your country with a remarkable experience. Of course, Italy and countries mentioned above are included nevertheless! To make sure as many people as possible can give their contribution that day, make sure that your story lasts 5 minutes! 

Poster by Margherita Dell’Era

Poster by Margherita Dell’Era