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Mon, March 11, 2019

7:30 PM – 10:30 PM CET

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Talent Garden Calabiana

6 Via Arcivescovo Calabiana

20139 Milano

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In the last decades, Service Design has caught the attention of organizations from different stakeholders. R&D, Marketing and Innovation departments have already got the value of adopting service design to innovate products and services for quite some years, but recently there have been other business functions being attracted by it and they are starting to ask for design interventions.

One above all is Human Resources, that is increasingly looking at Service Design and Design Thinking to support organizational change initiatives. We are indeed seeing the rise of new consultancies and corporate teams explicitly devoted to foster a design-driven organizational culture and mindset.

During the next event we would like to discuss what are those design features that are appealing to HR and how, as service designers, we should react to this demand.

Do we need to acquire new skills to tackle issues regarding organizational behaviour? Do we need to adapt our tools? What can we learn from traditional HR consultants and what can we lend them?

Finally, what kind of impact service design can have within the internal context of an organization and on the outside market?

We will talk about it with a panel of outstanding experts from the frontiers of this emerging field:

  • Stefano Besana - Digital Organisation Design & Social Analytics Lead @ EY

  • Ginevra Fidora - People Strategy Competence Leader @ OpenKnowledge

  • Luca Nascimben - Head of Digital HR Transformation Business Unit @ Ccelera

  • Emanuele Schmidt - President @ MIDA

  • Matteo Sola - People & Culture Manager @ Talent Garden

  • Camilla Mignani - Service Designer @ Vodafone

The event will be held in English.

Hosted by:

Talent Garden

Sponsored by:
Carlsberg Italia - @Carlsberg_it

ThoughtWorks - @Thoughtworks

Cover Image by:
Ebru Turgul