Date And Time

Wed, October 9, 2019

7:30 PM – 9:30 PM CEST


Milano LUISS Hub for Makers and Students

3 Via Massimo d’Azeglio

20154 Milano

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"The accelerated shift from products to services, the massive spread of digital channels and the rise of platform-business are consolidating a direct-to-consumer dynamic that is changing what people expects from a service experience and the perception of their relationship with companies and brands.

If in the late ‘60 Brands were a closed system of recognizable signs and languages, born to stimulate the perception of products as functional and useful, they later reshaped into an emotional storytelling, advertising products ability to transform people’s lives.

But what happens when people no longer associate a brand to a product-to-buy but to a service-to-use?

On this wave Service Design discipline started developing, committed on orchestrating service experiences in the pursuit of efficiency and usefulness. But what happens when the way a service is delivered become a crucial part of how a brand is perceived?"

During the event we will explore, thanks to a panel of expert speakers and their case studies, how Branding & Service Design disciplines could intersect and evolve in terms of scope, role and responsibility to align brand promise and service delivery for the next meaningful experience.


* Raffaella Citterio, Associate Director, Experience & Design @ Interbrand Milan

* Fabio Di Liberto, Strategic Relations Advisor @ ISKO

* Filippo Anglano, Creative Director @ We Eat Together, Santeria Srl - Design department

* Rebecca Gasbarro, Project Manager for Business Development @ Santeria Srl

The event will be held in English. Space is limited so to make sure to have a seat please arrive according to time.

Hosted by:

* Milano LUISS Hub for Makers and Students

* Brera Design Days 

Sponsored by:

* Carlsberg Italia 

* ThoughtWorks Italia

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Ornella Sanfilippo

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