Last year, we held the first edition of “Not just another working day: Transforming Designers”. Together with a panel of experts we explored very important issues and reflected on the evolution of the role of the Service Designer from a strategic and practical point of view.

The key insights were on:

*How influential our role could become: Design is challenging and transforming company strategies. Design is the enabler of the conversation, it has the ability to bring different sources and coordinate the inputs of all the departments involved.

*Educating stakeholders within the company: We understood that we need to start think about empathizing with all the company’s ecosystem, start building pilots to test and expose results to finally get to the cultural level of the company. We need to be creative in implementing and measuring it “quickly”.

*Focus on the impact of the solution: Create awareness of the value of the “tool” as the link to create a really valuable impact, don’t sell the tool, create and spread a human centered mindset.

This year, we are going to continue the conversation.

As technology evolves, service designers must continuously transform in order to remain relevant in today’s complex and interconnected world. New customer experiences are being born and are just not defined by physical or digital but in the seamless interactions generated through them.

We are used to think first about the end user, understand their needs, empathize with their experiences, etc. In today’s world it is necessary that we give prevalence to “the technological possibilities to deliver a new generation of services enabled by digital that thrill and excite”.

What are the new subjects we need to take into our everyday job to generate value in a society driven by technology? How are the data driven principles evolving the concept of human centered design? In order to create new digital experiences, what tensions should we create? and who should be involved? As designers, we orchestrate people, knowledge and resources to deliver value, what level of new expertise should we acquire? and why should we stay hungry to understand new technologies and processes?

We will address these topics in an open panel discussion together with 5 experts with a design and tech background - More details to come!


After the panel discussion, the Fjord Milan team will meet those of you who are interested in evaluating job positions within its Milan design studio. To access this opportunity please follow the instructions:

1. From the list of tickets available select the “I want to submit my Portfolio for review” ticket

2. In the order confirmation mail you will find a link to a form in which you will be asked to select the job position of interest (you can find the list below) and you will have to share a link to your portfolio.

3. The selected people will receive an e-mail with further instructions

*A general admission ticket is available for those who are not interested in this activity.


Be adventurous. Bring a vision. Make an impact. Rely on empathy. Nurture collaboration. Stay transparent. Be bold and generous in all you do.

Service and interaction designers

Uncover user needs through research, develop deep insights, generate concepts and craft how people will interact with the products and services we design.
Starting from design research, this requires proficiency in creating experience maps, user journeys and service blueprints, interaction models, flows, wireframes and in using rapid prototyping tools, ranging from paper sketching to digital prototypes.
Experience in facilitating design workshops is more than welcome!

Senior service design freelance

Join our network and collaborate with our teams for a project! 
In addition to the above description, we are looking for people with a history of being part of teams who focus on user-centered design practices and great leading and communication skills.

Visual designers

Ensure our work communicates clearly, is on brand, and delights users.
Create design concepts through participation in design research and brainstorms, have an advanced understanding of the client’s business objectives, brand, and consumer to inform strong design ideas.
Design mood boards, concept sketches, presentation decks, style guides and storyboards.

Hosted by:
Accenture Italia (@AccentureItalia)
Fjord (@Fjord)

Sponsored by:
Carlsberg Italia (@Carlsberg_it)

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