Service Design Drinks Milan in collaboration with frog design invites you to participate to an expert panel discussion on the ever-evolving role of designers between business transformation and innovation

80% of jobs that will exist in 2025 don’t exist yet and designers are at the verge of this transformation. In the last few years as part of their role, designers became also strategists, program managers, consultant, coders, artisans.

How do the recent high demand for designers in organisations is shaping the latest transformation of the design role? And how designers are instead influencing and shaping the organisations in which they get to work? How is it different for a designer to work as a freelancer, for a design firm or to get hired at a big corporation? What are the pros and cons of each choice? And finally: the latest MEOS study showed that 2016 was the year for Senior UX designerswhat is going to be the most required skillset for 2017?

Our expert panel is going to address these themes and envision future trends and opportunities for the job of designer.

After the panel discussion, frog will host a party and a mingling session to meet the most talented designers willing to join its European studios. Along the night portfolios will be reviewed, experiences will be shared.

Are you curious about the world, passionate about people? Do you care about the details, and recognize the importance of perspective? Are you looking for a quality-driven, creative-minded, multidisciplinary team where you can do the best work of your life?

frog is looking for:

· Service designers – Craft how the individual interacts with a product or service. This requires leading product / service research, concepting, information architecture development (site maps, user flows, sketches, wireframes, navigation models), systematic design, and interaction design to create powerful digital, physical and/or environmental experiences. You will be a voice of expertise through the design and facilitation of workshops.
· Freelancer SR IxDs – Conduct product research, strategy, information architecture development, and interaction design to create products that bring a smile to the lips and a flutter to the heart. Regardless of whether it’s a corporate Website, software application, or consumer electronics device. SR IXDs are able to discover, understand, communicate and translate the business requirements of our clients, the emotional desires of their customers, and the context in which these two come together.
· Freelancer DRs – Use participatory and iterative design techniques, including observational studies, customer interviews, usability testing, and other forms of requirements discovery. Effectively communicate research findings, conceptual ideas, detailed design, and design rationale both verbally and visually. Produce user requirements specifications, personas, storyboards, scenarios, flowcharts, design prototypes, and design specifications.
· DR interns – We are looking for exceptional interns to join our creative teams. Interns are treated like full time employees in the studio and work on active programs with project teams. They are curious designers who, from the very beginning of a program, ask “who are we designing for and why?” They have a strong passion for and understanding of human-centered design processes and service design principles. They are skilled researchers and detail oriented designers who are passionate about meeting the needs of the users. The internship's duration is 6 months.

frog creative leadership and top international designers will welcome you to the Milan studio ready to witness your skills, your secret passions, knack for detail and vision for the future. But you only have 10 minutes, so make them count!

To access this opportunity please follow the instructions:

1. From the list of tickets available select the “Applicants Ticket”
2. In the order confirmation mail you will find a link to a form in which you will be asked to select the job position of interest (you can find the list below) and you will have to share a link to your portfolio project.
3. After few days of review, the selected applicants will receive an e-mail with further instructions

*A “General Admission Ticket” is available for those who are not interested in this part of the event

That’s it! Keep your portfolios coming and good luck to everyone!

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Poster by: Piergianna Mazzocca

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